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MassiveCert was formed by FEMA lifers who previously worked directly with FEMA HQ as contractors to build and manage many of the FEMA programs, tools, and policies in place today. MassiveCert has one mission: Make Flood Verification Massively Easy. We are a national leader in Flood Zone Determinations, Elevation Certificates, Letters of Map Change, Private Flood Compliance, and Real-Property Risk. We produce unique and affordable flood zone determinations for insurance, lending, compliance, real estate, and market analysis by offering 7 determination types and unique exhibits tailored to our customers. Our elevation certificate process is Massively Easy through up-front pricing, national service, online ordering, and complete digital delivery with over 100 automated quality controls. And each Letter of Map Amendment is guaranteed to receive a removal letter.


Private flood insurers are supported by our Flood Risk Score and comprehensive real-property risk evaluation. All products are available through web services to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems for easy one-click ordering and delivery. And our private-label property risk reports increase risk communication and drive new business. MassiveCert’s agile and innovative approaches, married with personalized customer service, make flood certification Massively Easy.


Josh Price

Josh Price, President/CEO

Josh has a serious passion for flood issues with a reputation as a technologist, project manager, and innovation leader. He knows FEMA and the NFIP. In his nearly twenty-year career supporting the FEMA flood risk program, he’s touched just about every product FEMA offers. He’s the current Vice President of the National Flood Association (fka National Flood Determination Association) and a frequent speaker and panelist and flood events nationwide.


Eric Ratcliffe

Eric Ratcliffe, CFM, Chief Operating Officer

Eric oversees all of MassiveCert’s day to day operations and brings 20 years of NFIP experience preparing, reviewing, and managing the most complex FEMA LOMCs, Elevation Certificates, DFIRM mapping products, and flood zone determinations. He previously managed FEMA’s National LOMA (MT-1) and LOMR (MT-2) Programs, so if you’re looking for either or an Elevation Certificate—he’s your guy.


Tom Lane

Tom Lane, Senior Software Engineer

Tom has over 25 years of experience developing B2B infrastructure serving the flood zone determination industry. He’s implemented dozens of integrations with nearly every major loan origination and loan servicing platform, and everything from feature-rich ordering platforms to modern standards-based integrations. He’s developed complex systems serving FEMA compliance as well as property and consumer reporting products. Name a language and platform from proprietary to open source, and he knows it. Tom truly is a flood zone determination industry expert.


Tom Lane

Steve Murchison, Vice President - Business Development

Steve brings 35 years of B2B experience including over 17 years in various flood zone determination industry management, sales, and customer care positions. Advocating the Golden Rule, Steve is honest, fair, and respectful in all dealings. Steve has been active in the National Flood Association (fka National Flood Determination Association) serving on the Board of Directors for 9 years (including 6 years as Treasurer and a 2-year term as President).


Kori Eskelin

Kori Eskelin, CFM, ANFI, Senior Customer Support Manager

Kori Eskelin has over 18 years of experience in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). He currently serves as the Senior Customer Support Manager responsible for overseeing MassiveCert’s flood hazard determination production, quality, and dispute processes, and works directly with insurance agents, lenders, property owners, and other stakeholders to resolve FEMA flood data questions. As a certified Associate in National Flood Insurance (ANFI), Kori leverages his deep understanding of FEMA flood insurance underwriting requirements and speaks to it daily through interactions with homeowners, community officials, lenders, and insurance agents by promoting understanding and education regarding the NFIP, floodplain management and the regulations that guide the mandatory flood insurance purchase requirement.



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