The Letter of Map Amendment is your ticket to saving thousands on flood insurance


Also known as a LOMA, it is part of an often-overlooked federal government program inside the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This federal program removes you from the mandatory flood insurance requirement placed on your home by the government flood maps.


Your lender must honor this legal and official federal document, change your flood zone, and stop forcing you to pay for high-cost flood insurance.


Put more money in your pocket

Reclaim your property freedom

Add value to your property

Legally remove the federal restrictions

only $500

Get our complete LOMA Service:


LOMA Scoretm

FloodRisktm Report

Expert Property Analysis

Live Domestic Customer Service

Advocacy for your case


Removal of the Flood Insurance Mandate

Money Back Guarantee

If FEMA does not remove the mandatory flood insurance requirement from your property, for any reason,
we'll refund 100% of our fee
for single-family homes.

Submit your case to us for free today - only pay after our free expert analysis.


Trust our Unmatched LOMA Experience to Guarantee Flood Insurance Removal

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"I'm closing on a home and they want me to get flood insurance but I don't think I'm in a flood zone."

"The bank says I need flood insurance becuase of a new FEMA map but I don't think the map is correct."

"My neighbor said they switched to low-cost flood insurance becuase of a LOMA and I want to get one too."

If so, then you need a LOMA!


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Baltimore Inner Harbor

Commercial Properties Get the Biggest Insurance Discounts

Commercial properties and condominium buildings have the most to gain from a LOMA becuase the insurance premiums are higher. We have helped hundreds of commercial customers understand their flood risk reduction and flood zone removal options.

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