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NFIP Direct & WYO
Our determinations are 100% compatible with the National Flood Insurance Program and fully support both NFIP Direct and Write-Your-Own Flood Insurance Agents. DirectFlood will provide you with the best tools at the lowest price to quote quickly and confidently. When you call or email our support team, you will get knowledgeable staff to help you with any flood issue. We are your full-support team.
Whether you're processing a first position loan or a second refinance, DirectFlood helps you maintain compliance with federal regulations while mitigating your flood risk. We guarantee our Flood Zone Determinations meet all federal regulation requirements and we provide a Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form. Prefer a Life of Loan? We do that too. Check out our Corporate Account services.
Real Estate
It's too big of an investment not to fully protect. Whether you are the listing or buying agent - know for sure what the flood risk is for your clients. Property managers and investors alike should remain aware of FEMA's frequent map changes so investments are protected. DirectFlood is the perfect way to remain aware of the changing exposure of your property portfolio.
Floods are the #1 US natural disaster, causing more damage than any other. The storms seem to be getting worse and your flood losses are not covered by most homeowner insurance policies. So if you don't know your flood risk, or are wondering if anything has changed since you last checked, now is the perfect time to find out. DirectFlood puts the knowledge in your hands to protect.

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Unlimited access to every Determination you order. Download them as often as you wish - we'll keep them safe for you.

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Ninety percent are completed instantly. If we need more time to research your property and the FEMA records, we let you know right away. Our research is always completed within 4 business hours, but usually less than 1 hour. And we email you the researched Determination so you don't have to spend time checking in with us.

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It goes by different names, and they all mean you want us to take another look at the Determination or you've got more information to give us. We're happy to do it and we make it Massively Easy in about three clicks with a 24 hour turn-around.

The MassiveRisk Report

Support FEMA Risk Rating 2.0, Private Flood Insurance, and Risk Awareness.
DirectFlood includes a unique collection of comprehensive flood risk data.
It's included with every DirectFlood determination.

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