FEMA Clear Communication Initiative Letters and What They Mean for You

In early 2016, FEMA began mailing out clear communication initiative letters to flood insurance policyholders with new policies effective April 1, 2016 or later, and/or renewal dates of October 1, 2016 or later.  The purpose of these letters was to inform the policyholders of their current, re-mapped flood risk rating, and explain how that rating was assessed, as well as how it would likely impact what one would pay for flood insurance.  The letters further explain how the property owner may reduce flood insurance premiums by obtaining an Elevation Certificate.

FEMA separated the letters into 7 categories, each defined by a letter, A-F.  Your category can be found in the bottom right hand corner of your letter.  The categories are as follows:

LETTER A – Buildings Newly Mapped Into a High Risk Flood Area

LETTER B – Buildings Standard Rated and Located Outside of the High-Risk Flood Area

LETTER C -  Buildings Grandfather Rated and in A High-Risk Flood Area

LETTER D – Primary Residential Pre-FIRM Building in a High-Risk Flood Area, Paying a Discounted Rate

LETTER E -  Non-Primary Pre-FIRM Buildings in a High-Risk Flood Area, and Paying a Discounted Rate

LETTER F -  Buildings Mapped Outside of a High-Risk Flood Area, and Insured with a Preferred Risk Policy

LETTER G – Buildings that are post-FIRM, in a high risk flood area, and paying a rate based on true flood risk.


What is an Elevation Certificate and How Do I Obtain One?

An elevation certificate is a document which states the building elevation and determines the flood risk.  When purchasing flood insurance, having this certificate in hand has the potential to greatly reduce your rate. To receive an instant quote and order online visit https://www.massivecert.com/search-product.

Taking these steps and allowing your flood insurer to reassess your policy after you receive a letter from FEMA can potentially reduce your flood insurance costs.