The Latest NFIP Flood Insurance Manual-October 1, 2018

If you are like me, when the newly formatted NFIP Flood Insurance Manual came out on October 1st, you probably thought, “Well great! Now I have to start all over again learning this manual.”  I’ve been using the NFIP Flood Insurance Manual for over 16 years and have learned through long experience where to find certain flood insurance topics. I certainly didn’t relish having to re-learn where to find information. Despite the new format being more logical and following a transaction-by-transaction path through the lifecycle of a flood insurance policy, my first impulse was to cringe and curse.

Fortunately for me, the NFIP is offering a webinar, “Navigating the Restyled NFIP Flood Insurance Manual”, to introduce the new format.  H2O Partners, the NFIP education and training partner, have put together a great 60-minute presentation to speed your path to assimilating the new changes.  As a bonus, they have also created the NFIP Flood Insurance Manual Crosswalk, a hyperlinked cross-reference tool to aid old timers like me to find things in the new manual. In the Crosswalk, you look for the old section of the manual you are used to, and the Crosswalk shows you which section in the new manual to find the same NFIP flood insurance information. Plus, it links you directly to that page in the new manual!

And if you have any questions, just contact me.  I will be happy to discuss it with you.